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Fohow Sleap Eye Mask
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Fohow Sleap Eye Mask

Fohow Sleap Eye Mask

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Fohow has combined knowledge of modern medicine, acupressure points, the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced materials technology, has developed functional recreational sleep eye mask. Various minerals were used (tourmaline, mayfan, germanium, guiyang and volcanic rocks) to manufacture the eye mask.

Functional effects:

Has a cosmetic effect on the eyes, long waved infrared rays of wavelength 4-14 microns and anions produce resonance, helps remove dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Eyes protection: anions create a clean, comfortable environment for the eyes, relieve eye fatigue; long waved infrared rays have a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the eye, stimulate circulation in the ocular blood vessels, positive influence on the acupressure points around eyes, removes fatigue and shields from the negative electromagnetic radiation. Effective for dry eyes or excessive lacrimation, presbyopia, myopia, etc.

Improves sleep: infrared rays have an effective impact on the blood vessels in the eye, stimulate blood circulation in the eye region, increase blood flow, thereby improving blood flow to the brain; effective when there is insufficient blood supply, insomnia..

Has the prevention of premature eyes aging: infrared rays has beneficial effect on blood vessels in the eye, improve blood quality, restore elasticity of blood vessels, improve blood circulation in the eye region, slow down the aging of the eyes; effective when cataract, eye blood vessel sclerosis, etc. Beneficial effect on the nasal blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, thus helps with colds, sinusitis and other inflammations.

Indications for usage: Recommended for people, who spend a long time in the business trips, people with weak eyesight, with presbyopia or myopia, ripples and twinkling eyes, people who spend a long time at the computer or TV, truck drivers, coaches, in the presence of darkening and/or bags under the eyes, etc.

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