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Fohow Aromatic Oil Patchs Pain Relief
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Fohow Aromatic Oil Patchs Pain Relief

Fohow Aromatic Oil Patchs Pain Relief

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According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine  aromatic essential oils regulates and harmonizes the internal and external environment of the human body. The principle of the use of oils have a positive impact restoring the function of meridians, balance Yin and Yang, to achieve harmony of body, both inside and outside.

Fohow aromatic essential oils patch emits infrared rays of the long-term (4-14 microns), contributing to significant improvements in the micro-circulation of human body, with double the influence of essential oils opens the human acupuncture points, penetrating the skin to a depth of 8 – 12 cm.

Indications for use: 

Headache – restores microcirculation in the head, improves immunity, relieves fatigue, provides a clear effect on insomnia, neurasthenia, restless sleep, dizziness.

  • Shoulder pain – stabilizes micro-circulation in the shoulders, reduces or eliminates the symptoms of pain in the shoulder at various inflammations.

    Lower back pain – stabilized micro-circulation in the lumbar area, softens and eliminates symptoms such as pain and restores function of the vertebrae, etc., has a great therapeutic effect applied to the vertebrae of the spine, also restores the function of the gastrointestinal tract, spleen, pancreas.

  • Cervical pain – completely restores micro-circulation in the cervical spine, which significantly reduces or eliminates pain in the neck.

  • Other treatments - swelling and removes toxins from the body, increases the permeability of the meridians, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, relieves fatigue.


    • Apply to the affected area
    • Do not use on wounds
    • Use immediately after unsealing

        Storage: Cool dry place, away form direct sunlight

         Package: 20 patches

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